Lenovo EMC PX12-400R




  • LenovoEMC LifeLine
  • Core i3 Dual Core 3.3GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Solid State Drives compatibility
  • RAID 1, 10, 5, 6, & hot spare
  • Automatic RAID rebuild and hot swap , RAID 0 and JBOD mode also available
  • Device-to-Device Data Replication, VMware, XenServer and Windows certifi ed
  • 3 USB ports
  • Dual Redundant Power Supply is Standard, Snapshots
  • Ethernet Port (4xGbE), Optional 10GbE card
  • Anti-Virus Scanning – Built-in anti-virus scanning and cleaning with McAfee® VirusScan® Enterprise.
  • Network File Protocols Supported – CIFS/SMB/Rally (Microsoft), NFS (Linux/UNIX), AFP/Bonjour (Apple), FTP, SFTP TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, Windows DFS, SNMP.
  • Virtual Environment Support – VMware®, Citrix XenServer™ and Windows® certifi ed for NFS (VMware only) & iSCSI.
  • Device-to-Device Data Replication – Replicate your data from Lenovo network storage device to Lenovo network storage device, to an external USB drive, or to another network target.
  • Backup-to-Disk (B2D) Target – With HCL listing, Lenovo network storage products are identifi ed as compatible disk targets for Symantec™ Backup Exec™ software.
  • Video Surveillance – Use as a Surveillance Storage Target and simply store surveillance video on up to 48TB of capacity and utilize remote management; or get an all encompassing solution that blends smart storage, leading VMS software and IP cameras with the Integrated Video Management System (IVMS), connecting up to 48 cameras per device with Mindtree® SecureMind™ Surveillance Manager; utilize cloud technology for a low-cost solution with the Hosted Video Surveillance Solution (HVSS).
  • Personal Cloud Technology – The ultimate data protection and remote access solution for SMBs, this web-based solution protects valuable business information and is completely self-owned, so there are no usage or subscription charges.
  • Cloud Backup Options – Back up selected fi les directly from your Lenovo network storage to the MozyConnect™, Atmos or Amazon S3™ storage clouds for off-site safekeeping of important data. Additional charges apply.
  • Solid State Drive Support – For I/O intensive applications, the px12-400r can be fi tted with solid state drives to boost performance.
  • Mac OS X Lion and Time Machine® Support – Supports Mac Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 and Time Machine, allowing the Lenovo device to serve as a Time Machine target for your Apple computers.
  • User Quotas – Manage capacity by setting a maximum for shared storage.
  • UPS Support – Enables unattended system shutdown via the USB port without data loss in the case of power failure.
  • Expandability – Add storage capacity by connecting external USB Hard Disk Drives; read and write on Fat32, NTFS, HFS+, or ext2/ext3/ext4 formatted hard disks.

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