Lenovo EMC PX4-400R


Lenovo EMC PX4-400R


  • LenovoEMC LifeLine
  • 2.13GHz dual-core Intel® Atom D2701 processor
  • 2GB of 1600MHz DDR3 Memory
  • RAID 1, 10, 5, hot spare and JBOD
  • Dual port 1GbE I350-T2 Server Adapter by Inte
  • Automatic RAID rebuild and hot swap, Diskless Confi guration, Device to Device Data Replication, VMware, XenServer, Windows compatible
  • Solid State Drive compatibility, Snapshots
  • Number of Users Up to 75 users
  • Processor Built around the Intel® Atom D2701 dual core processor to support demanding workloads like virtualization, deduplication, database management and video surveillance.
  • Acronis ATI Lite Complete backup protection throughout your small business network with Acronis. - Protect your PCs with ATI Lite 2013 (3 licenses included) - Optional Acronis ABR 11.5 OEM Server and NAS application (sold separately) delivers automatic and continuous backup protection for your Windows or Linux Server and NAS. Click here to learn more.
  • Active Snapshot Backup Point-In-Time backup of a complete volume image including Active Snap capability. Also uses .VSS and .VDS for compatibility with Windows & VMware hosts
  • Active Directory High-Availability & Hybrid Authentication Windows Active Directory High Availability (ADHA), Hybrid Authentication, MSCS and Hyper-V Live Migration support.
  • SSD Caching for Faster Read & Write Set up dedicated SSDs for fast reads & writes of frequently accessed data, providing improved performance for I/O intensive applications such as databases.
  • Video Management Software Embedded video management software that simplifies video surveillance. Automated configuration, wide camera compatibility, motion detection, live monitoring, playback and easy export.
  • Leading Software Application Options Included Applications can be installed using the embedded application manager for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, Acronis Backup & Recovery, EMC Avamar Client, Milestone Arcus Video Surveillance and Mindtree SecureMind VSMS.
  • LenovoEMC Personal Cloud Backup Synchronize data between personal cloud member systems and your Network Storage device.
  • System Status Dashboard – The LenovoEMC LifeLine system status dashboard provides a one-stop-shop for space usage, device information, control, and status. If one of these components has encountered an error, you are linked to the page that requires your attention
  • iSCSI Target – Provides block-level access for the most effi cient storage utilization, especially for backup, database and email application performance. It can be used in parallel with fi lelevel storage access via CIFS/NFS. Includes support for persistent reservations.
  • SSD Cache Pools – Set up dedicated SSDs for fast reads & writes of frequently accessed data, providing improved performance for I/O intensive applications such as databases. (SSDs not included)
  • Sharing – Access fi les from any networked Windows® PC, Linux® or Mac® for easy fi le sharing and data backup.
  • Encrypted Volume – Allows you to create an encrypted volume with an assigned password; thus securing the data on the encrypted volume (256-bit AES).
  • Network File Protocols Supported – CIFS/SMB/Rally (Microsoft), NFS (Linux/UNIX), AFP/Bonjour (Apple), FTP, SFTP TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, Windows DFS, SNMP.
  • SMART Hard Drive Monitor – Continually monitors and reports on the health of all drives in the LenovoEMC storage system.
  • Built-in Cloud Technology – Back up selected fi les directly from your Lenovo network storage to LenovoEMC Personal Cloud or Amazon S3™ storage clouds for off-site safekeeping of important data. Additional charges apply.
  • Mac OS X Lion and Time Machine® Support – Supports Mac Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 and Time Machine, allowing the LenovoEMC to serve as a Time Machine target for your Apple computers.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS Support) – Allows device to receive unattended shutdown requests from UPS through USB port to prevent data loss in case of power failure.
  • User Quotas – Manage capacity by setting a maximum for shared storage. • Data Organization and Access – Windows DFS organizes folders and fi les on a network, such that they appear to be all in one directory tree on a single LenovoEMC storage system, even if the folders reside on many devices in many different locations. WebDAV (Webbased Distributed Authoring and Versioning) enables viewing, adding, or deleting fi les on a LenovoEMC storage device from the web, via HTTP or HTTPS for added security

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